All sales are final on all services including but not limited to sessions and photo editing orders.

Touring is a major production consisting of securing travel expenses, transporting gear and a wide variety of wardrobe, securing location, and securing the time of the makeup and hair artist. Photographer has to prepay all of this and therefore, since this is done months in advance and is non-refundable to her, we must keep a very strict policy on pricing, deposits, cancellations and rescheduling.

Payment of deposit is Client’s acceptance of terms and conditions as outlined in this policy.

Unless discussed with photographer prior to shoot, there are no chaperones or escorts of any kind allowed at any sessions. Photographer reserves the right to refuse service to anyone.

Client will trust our talent and vision to produce the same outcome on all images selected.

Your satisfaction is of utmost importance to us, but all art is subjective. All images will be edited with the photographers professional artistic vision, and, by choosing her as your photographer, you choose the style of her work and trust her judgment through the creative process.

Payments, Deposits, Rescheduling, Cancellations
All payments made to No Regrets Photography for session fees, deposits, services and product are non-refundable. Sessions may be upgraded but never downgraded.

Full balance must be paid PRIOR to arriving to your shoot, unless you plan to pay in cash, which in that instance you must have exact change as photographer does not carry change.

Photographer will not begin post production on your order until the payment has been paid in full and has cleared.

Deposits to secure your booking date and time are required at booking. Clients may request their preferred time slot however slots are assigned in the order in which deposits come in and photographer will assign slots as close as possible to the desired time selected. Photographer does not guarantee that all clients will get the time slot they request. No appointment is guaranteed until Deposits are made in full. Photographer schedules her calendar around paid clients, unless deposit is made she does not guarantee any secured date and time. Deposits to hold your place on a waiting list for an upcoming tour are accepted.
Once you have submitted your payment of deposit or the session amount in full, there are no refunds. No cancellations. However, you may reschedule. Rescheduling must be arranged 72 hours prior to the sessions booked date and are good for any future tour locations and dates within one calendar year. Reschedules are only permitted once. Sessions are not transferable. If your request to reschedule the session is made with less than 72 hours’ notice before your session, an extra session fee of $50 will be added to your shoot balance. If you cancel, an additional session fee of $50 will be required to book a new session in the future.

If you are late more than a half hour, an extra session fee of $20 will be added to your shoot balance to cover studio and artist time. If your session is booked during a group session your scheduled time might be pushed and the client scheduled after you will go before you and your time will still be cut as our group shoot schedules are extremely strict due to studio or location time constraints.

If you cancel your scheduled session or do not pay the balance due on your session before the session, liquidated damages in the amount of your session fee and your hair, makeup, wardrobe, and extra services fee will be charged. If we are unable to collect funds from you we will report this to all three credit agencies. No exceptions.

No call, no shows are automatically banned from booking again. No exceptions.

If you are traveling for your session, we recommends booking your session and securing it with payment before booking your airfare and hotel. Photographer is not responsible for any fees associated with airline or hotel schedule changes. Please fly in the day before your session, refunds/reschedules will not be given due to same day flight cancelations/delays.

Payment plans are available for bigger packages. A payment plan can consist of 3-4 payments but are required a deposit at booking, payment to cover hair and makeup and studio/wardrobe fees on day of session, then remaining balance within 2 weeks after shoot. Payment plan clients must be paid in full before any photos from session are sent. No exceptions. Orders go into editing queue from the date the order is paid in full.

Hair/Makeup & Wardrobe Styling
Our photo sessions are a process starting with hair and makeup and is not only an important part of the process but also an important part of the schedule for our events to run smoothly. That said, it is NOT mandatory (BUT HIGHLY RECOMMENDED) that all clients go through hair and makeup before shooting.

If clients have any allergies or sensitivity to makeup or product, we urge them to bring their own products for the makeup artist to use.

We employ exceptionally talented hair & makeup artists who are working for us for a reduced fee so that your session fee remains affordable and because clients tip. That being said, for those who don’t know the industry, tipping is standard as it is in salons and any other service industry profession. These sessions are high end and we have designed them to be affordable to a spectrum of economic brackets therefore we do ask that our clients be a lady and tip their makeup artist and hair stylist.

Hair and makeup is done as per client requests, any claims of dissatisfaction with hair and makeup after the session are ignored. If for any reason client is unhappy with hair and makeup she must express herself prior to being photographed so that the makeup artist or hair stylist can perform corrections.

For sessions including wardrobe styling by us, client’s measurements and style preferences are due no later than a week prior to session to insure we have a variety of options for you. If measurements are sent less than week prior to shoot, photographer may not be able to guarantee a variety of options, in that case client is encouraged to always bring wardrobe options as well.

If you are wearing our wardrobe you are required to bring your own underwear in various color options to wear under our garments. CLIENT WILL NOT BE ALLOWED TO WEAR ANY OF OUR WARDROBE WITHOUT PERSONAL UNDERGARMENTS. We suggest to bring underwear in at least 3 different colors, ALWAYS black, and/or nude, white, red..etc.

Future Edit Orders
All clients are welcome to order more images than in the package they purchase at an extra cost. Future orders are priced at the current price list rate. Payment for extra images are due upon order. Extra edit orders are set into editing queue once paid for.

Editing queue goes in order from dates clients paid sessions in full.

Final Product Delivey
Final products can be expect no later than 2-3 weeks after client has selected purchased images from proof gallery sent by photographer.

Rush orders are available for a $5 service fee per photo requested rushed. Photographer reserves the right to refuse rush services to anyone.

Advanced beauty retouching will only be applied to images purchased and is included in the cost of package paid for. Photographer does not retouch to specifications although Client is welcome to make requests. If there are special editing requests beyond what the is given in the final product, photographer is happy to fulfill any special instruction orders for additional retouching at a rate of $20 per image. No charge for cropping, skin retouching, black and white or other color toning conversions. Photographer reserves the right to refuse additional services to anyone.

Final images will be delivered in digital format. For all images delivered to the Client in electronic format (including, but not limited to, electronic mail, Dropbox, CDs/DVDs, etc.), the Photographer will endeavor to ensure that the data sent is not corrupt and is virus free. The Photographer cannot be held responsible for any damage, disruption and/or loss of any kind that the said media may cause to the Client’s computer or data. The Client agrees to take similar steps to ensure that data sent to the Photographer is not corrupt and/or virus-free.

The Client shall be responsible for the behavior of Client and their guesy during portraiture session. The Photographer reserves the right to terminate the portraiture session without notice if she deems the Client’s behavior to be unruly or unsafe. In such instances, the Photographer reserves the right to retain the full session fee. The Client will reimburse the Photographer or her agents for any loss/damage caused to property or equipment.

Delivery of Products and Services
The supply of products and services are provided by the Photographer on a best efforts basis. The Photographer shall use reasonable efforts to meet agreed deadlines where applicable. The Photographer shall not be liable for any delays in meeting any of her obligations that were due to causes beyond her reasonable control, including but not limited to: postage/courier/lab delays, war/acts of terrorism, riots, government legislation, industrial action, adverse weather conditions, acts of God, floods, fire, loss or damage in transit, etc.

Prices & Terms
a. All prices shown within the Photographer’s price list are subject to change without prior notice.

b. The Photographer reserves the right to amend these Terms and Conditions without prior notice.




a. In accordance with the United States Copyright Laws, the copyright of all images created by the Photographer is owned by the Photographer. Unless the Photographer gives written authorization, the Client is forbidden by law to make prints, reprints, copies, or digital duplications of any images created by the photographer.

b. Reproduction rights (if and when granted) are strictly limited to the uses specified on the Photographer’s invoice. Any license is granted to the Client only upon payment in full of the amount due pursuant to the Photographer’s payment terms.

c. Client may purchase the copyright of images created by the Photographer.

d. In instances where the Client requests editing of images that the Client has supplied from another photographer, all work is undertaken on the assumption that the Client has obtained written permission from the copyright holder for copies to be made. The Photographer may contact the copyright holder to confirm that authorization to copy the images has been given. The Client agrees to fully indemnify the Photographer for claims or damages or any costs arising from claims for copyright infringement made by a third party.

e. By paying for a portraiture session, Client grants to No Regrets Photography and Roselinda Johnson, its assignees, licensees, legal representatives and transferees [“No Regrets Photography”] the right to use Client’s name and likeness for promotional purposes of No Regrets Photography. Client irrevocably authorizes No Regrets Photography to use and publish photographs, pictures, portraits or images in which the Client appears [“Photographs”] in any form, media and manner, including, but not limited to, composite images or distorted representations, for the purposes of publicity, illustration, commercial art, advertising, and publishing (including publishing in electronic form), for lawful uses as may be determined by the No Regrets Photography.



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